Tamar Anolic


Tamar Anolic is a writer and lawyer whose other passion is traveling. She has been to such far-flung places as Antarctica, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, and some of these places have been the settings for her writing. She has a long history of being published in various magazines and newspapers, and now has several books and short stories to her credit.    

Tamar's latest novel, "The Imperial Spy," is now available! Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich Romanov is a member of the Russian Imperial Family, a Prince of the Imperial Blood..... and a spy against the Nazis. From Warsaw to Budapest, Rome to Tsaritsyn, Vsevolod goes behind enemy lines to frustrate the Nazi war machine at every turn. "The Imperial Spy" is Tamar's third novel in her series about the Romanovs. It is available in both paperback and Kindle: