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Tamar's figure skating novel, Like Water and Ice, has won a Firebird Book Award for Sports Fiction!

Tamar Anolic

Tamar is a writer whose work focuses on a range of genres and subjects. She writes Young Adult and Middle Grade novels, as well as historical fiction. Many of her short stories have been published in literary journals, and she has written numerous award-winning books.

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Olympic gold- but at what cost?

Tamar's newest novel has just been released! Like Water and Ice follows figure skater Thad Moulton, one of the most talented skaters of his generation- and one of its most inconsistent. He has won a gold medal at National Championships every other year throughout the 1990s, and his bad performances haunt him. When he skates perfectly at the 1997 World Championships and still places second behind his mistake-ridden Russian rival, Thad decides it is time to retire.

Then that rival, Grigoriy Arsenyev, flaunts his World Champion status and excludes Thad from an invitational meet of the best skaters. His behavior makes Thad realize that a competitive fire still burns within him. He sets aside his retirement and starts training for the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. At the same time, his romance with fellow skater Emily Burrows grows- just as their coaches embark on an extra-marital affair that brings the watchful eye of the press down on them. Thad battles his anger at both coaches as he struggles to put together flawless programs for Nagano. Can Thad overcome his inner demons and outside distractions to skate flawlessly on Olympic ice?

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