Tamar's latest novel, A Silent Evil, is now available! A Silent Evil, which is YA Science Fiction, is the second book of The Vanguard Warrior Trilogy (following The Fledgling's Inferno).



Tamar Anolic

Tamar is a writer whose work focuses on a range of subjects such as historical fiction and military fiction. Many of her short stories have been published in literary journals, and she has written numerous award-winning books.

Tamar's short story collection set in the Old West, The Lonely Spirit, has been short listed for the CIBA Awards for Short Story Collections and Novellas!

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Tamar's alternate history series about the Romanovs has made the short list for the CIBA Series Awards! Read the announcement here:


This series explores a world in which the Russian Revolution is averted and the hemophiliac Alexei becomes Tsar. "Triumph of a Tsar" follows Alexei as he becomes the youngest Tsar in nearly three centuries of Romanov rule and navigates the explosive political situation of post-World War I Russia. "Through the Fire" examines the life that Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, a war hero, could have lived if the Revolution had not happened. "The Imperial Spy" follows Prince Vsevolod Ioannovich as he goes undercover against the Nazis in World War II.