Tamar's most recent novel, Two Sisters of Fayetteville, has been awarded Honorable Mention for Young Adult Fiction in the Firebird Book Awards.


Tamar Anolic

Tamar is a writer whose work focuses on a range of subjects such as historical fiction and military fiction. Many of her short stories have been published in literary journals, and she has written numerous award-winning books.

The Lonely Spirit is also a winner in the Firebird Book Awards for historical fiction! The Lonely Spirit follows half-Comanche U.S. Marshal L.S. Quinn as he chases criminals across the Old West. See the announcement here:



Two of Tamar's books were long listed for the 2022 Historical Fiction Company Book of the Year Awards! Tales of the Romanov Empire is Tamar's historical novel in short stories spanning the entirety of the Romanov Empire. The Lonely Spirit is her short story collection set in the Old West. Both books now head to the finals!

See the announcement here:


Tamar's historical novel, Tales of the Romanov Empire, has been short listed for the Goethe Book Awards for Late Historical Fiction!​


Tamar's short story collection, The Lonely Spirit, has been awarded the Indie BRAG Medallion!