The latest review of "Triumph of a Tsar" is in! Thanks, Marina, for posting such a nice review on your blog:

Check out the press coverage for The Last Battle:​

I was at at the Kensington Day of the Book in Kensington, MD (just outside of Washington, D.C.) on April 22, 2018.

I was at the Gaithersburg Book Festival in May, 2017, to promote The Last Battle.

I was at the Independent Authors Book Expo in Roselle, New Jersey on Saturday, October 21 to promote The Last Battle, and gave a talk about the novel.

The latest good review of Triumph of a Tsar:

Before the Second Sleep

I was at The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival in Fredericksburg, VA, on Saturday, September 23 to promote The Last Battle.

And another good review of Triumph of a Tsar is in! Thank you, Stephanie for this review on your blog:

I hosted a book launch party to celebrate the publication of my new novel, "Triumph of a Tsar." The festivities took place at The Writer's Center in downtown Bethesda, Maryland:

Check out this blog article about my newest novel, "Triumph of a Tsar":