Vsevolod Ioannovich Romanov is a member of the Russian Imperial family, a Prince of the Imperial Blood….. and a spy against the Nazis. From Warsaw to Budapest, Rome to Tsaritsyn, Vsevolod assumes various disguises as he infiltrates the Nazi’s front lines. All the while, the intelligence he sends back to Russia frustrates the Nazi war machine at every turn. As he takes out multiple Nazi spy rings and kills many high-ranking officers of the German army, Vsevolod becomes the Nazis’ most wanted man. However, after several years of war in which his life is constantly in danger, Vsevolod slowly starts to crack under the pressure. As the war nears its end, Tsar Alexei II has one more mission for Vsevolod- being stationed in Berlin as the heir to the Russian throne tries to kill Hitler! Will Vsevolod be able to handle this last assignment? Or will he fall apart completely, endangering the lives of everyone around him? "The Imperial Spy" is available at.


Historical Work

In "The Last Battle," Colonel Zahara "Zac" Madison is one of the Army's highest-ranking female officers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. During her third deployment, Zac's convoy is attacked.  After being forced into a disability retirement, Zac has no choice but to return to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her grandfather left her property. Zac is now at a dead end in life: permanently injured, separated from the military, and too close to her small Arkansas hometown and her abusive, dysfunctional family. Zac’s battle scars have also produced PTSD and uncontrollable anxiety, and she is faced with the VA’s impenetrable bureaucracy at every turn. As her woes mount, Zac struggles to decide whether to plan her future- or whether to end her suffering once and for all.

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You don't know what power you have inside of you. Eighteen-year-old Katie McMann enrolls in Norwich University's Corps of Cadets to continue a family tradition of service. When a routine cadet training exercise pushes her to the limit, her body suspends in free fall, exposing a rare genetic trait that allows Katie to fly. Her unique power lands her in the crosshairs of the Military Genetics Control Board, led by the secretive Colonel Henry Gibson and aided by the sinister Professor Tristan Hayes. Both men are working to engineer and control the gene. Katie is not in the plan. With the Military Genetics Control Board swiftly mobilizing under the guise of ordinary military school operations, Katie must learn to harness her power in time for the fight of her life. "The Fledgling's Inferno" is the first book of a planned trilogy. It is currently available at:


"Through the Fire: An Alternate Life of Prince Konstantin of Russia" is a novel in short stories about Prince Konstantin Romanov. Konstantin was a lifelong soldier who fought bravely in World War I. He was also a cousin of Nicholas II and was the third son of the Grand Duke Konstantin, the imperial family's greatest poet. "Through the Fire" examines the life that Konstantin might have lived if the Russian Revolution had not happened. It is set in the same alternate historical universe as Tamar's previous novel, "Triumph of a Tsar."

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​​​"The Russian Riddle" is the first published nonfiction biography of the Grand Duke Serge of Russia. Serge was a son of Tsar Alexander II, the "Tsar-Reformer" who liberated the serfs. Serge was also uncle of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia, and was married to Princess Elizabeth of Hesse und bei Rhine, one of Europe's most beautiful princesses. After loyally serving in one of Russia's most famous elite guards regiments, Serge became Governor-General of Moscow.

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https://www.amazon.com/Russian-Riddle-Alexandrovich-Russia-1857 1905/dp/0977196194/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1545520411&sr=1-1&keywords=the+Russian+riddle+Tamar+anolic

Military Fiction:

"The Fourth Branch" is a political thriller in which Leopold Stolze, a neo-Nazi, is elected President of the United States in a close, bitter election. When Leopold begins to use the power of his office to mold the country to his right-wing ideals, the American people rise up against him. "The Fourth Branch" is available at:


Contemporary Fiction

"Triumph of a Tsar" is a work of alternate historical fiction in which the Russian Revolution of 1917 is averted, and Alexei, the hemophiliac son on Tsar Nicholas II, comes to the throne. It is August, 1920,  when Nicholas dies suddenly and Alexei becomes tsar. Communists such as Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky view the political situation as ripe for revolution, but they realize that the popular Alexei stands in their way. To make matters worse, Alexei’s hemophilia, the disease that has threatened him his whole life, returns to haunt him. With his life in constant danger from internal threats, Alexei must also navigate the external threats of fascism and Adolph Hitler. Slowly, Hitler’s menace increases throughout Europe until he tries to kill Alexei himself. Only then does Alexei realize that another World War is the only way to stop his German enemy.