In "A Promising Officer," published in Foliate Oak in October, 2018, Lt. Colonel Robert Graypool faces an unimaginable loss.

"Tea Time in Salem," published in Every Day Fiction in July, 2019, follows two women of Salem, Massachusetts during the Witch Trials.

In "The Lonely Spirit," published by The Magazine of History and Fiction, Quinn searches for the criminal that attacked his father and killed the Governor of Arkansas:

In "Dark Night, Bright Sky," published in The Sandy River Review in March, 2018, Father Cillian O'Leary struggles with a crisis of faith.

"Before the Fire," which appeared in Helix Magazine's Spring, 2017 edition, imagines a meeting between Prince Konstantin and Princess Pilar of Bavaria.

Other stories

"Lone Marshal" was published by Evening Street Review in July 2019. Quinn hunts for his fiancée across the open space of the Wild West.

My article on writing, and specifically on how to choose a cover for your books, appears here:

In "Fallen Stars," published in the November, 2019 edition of Frontier Tales, Quinn and his closest colleagues hunt for an unusual criminal.

In "Rumors of War," published by The Copperfield Review in May, 2017, Konstantin struggles to reassure his father in April, 1914, when war is on the horizon.

In "Ain't No Place for Beauty," published in the January 2019 issue of Pen in Hand,  Quinn struggles with his most recent arrest.

The Wild West

(Short stories that follow half-Comanche U.S. Marshal L.S. Quinn)

The Romanovs

(short stories about Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia)